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Creating An Ezine To Promote Your Online Business

One of the time tested proven ways to promote your online business is by creating an Ezine for your site. An Ezine can be used in many ways and you want to be sure beforehand how you are going to use it to get the most mileage you can to promote and create your online business.

What sort of Ezine do you want to create and who is your public? This will direct you on the content that you will need for your targeted public. Is this going to be providing tips for your public or is it just information you want to share with your readers? It has to have some appeal to someone or why create it.

The professional formatting of the Ezine is also important which can be done by using software for this purpose or by hiring a professional service. Presentation is an important point as well because you may provide it for a multitude of people but if no one finds it attractive and no one looks at it what good will it do you. You are trying to attract them to your business are you not?

It should be very readable and not hard to follow.

Whatever template you use to create your Ezine, save it as you are likely to create another one and you want to be able to duplicate what you have already done because you want your customers to be able to easily identify you.

You should have an opt-in list of people who have expressed an interest in your website from people who have come to your website and said that they were interested in your newsletter or just wanted to receive more information. These are the people that you want to send your Ezine to.

This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to promote your online business.

And unlike the olden days when you had to put this on paper, which would cost you a small fortune, you can just fire an email out with the Ezine attached.

You are also able to do advertising on Ezines whether they are your own that others can advertise on or if you want to advertise on others Ezines. There are sites where you can submit your Ezine. Just do a search online. This is a way you can add additional promotion and traffic to your site. The more exposure you can get the more you will benefit.

Building Your Web Site Traffic Link Building And Rss Feeds

Just about anyone can create a website pretty easily these days with a few mouse clicks, but buildings your web site traffic is a lot more difficult. Don’t worry if you need to increase traffic to your web site because I can show you how to do it. If this sounds interesting to you, then read on for the details.

One of the best ways to building your web site traffic is through link building. Link building occurs when you have other websites that link to yours. In return, you link to their web site. Search engines will rank your page higher in the listings if you are linked to sites that are similar to yours. For example, if your site is about computers then you should be linked into other sites about computers and technology. If your site is linked to topics totally different such as child-care or cooking sites, then your page ranking will suffer because the links are not pertinent to the topic.

Create top 10 lists on your site. People like to link to lists because the lists are easy to read and informative. In addition, lists just look pretty neat and you have a better chance of getting people to link to your site by providing funny or topical lists that pertain to your web site content.

Another way to increase web traffic to your site is to submit your content to RSS feeds. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is a generic format that is used to publish content from blogs, web sites and news sources that are frequently updated. Readers subscribe to RSS feeds so that they can get website updates directly to their desktops. As a content provider, you would submit your web site to RSS directories. The RSS directories will list your site as a feed available to users who wish to subscribe. This will increase the amount of links that you will get as well as turn up your site in search engines.

Many people find that using forums is a great way to build traffic to your site. However, this requires a lot of work on your part. You must find a forum that has similar content to what is on your site that also has a high page rank in search engines. Then you need to join the forum and start making posts. Each of your posts should have a link to your website. However, moderators are quick to delete any posts that are blatant spamming for your site. To prevent your posts from getting deleted, you will need to create thoughtful and informative posts.

You must contribute something to the forum that you are on so that you will be considered part if that community. Those who are simply there to promote their own site will quickly be found out. Active users of the forum will not have their posts removed, so it pays to be helpful and informative. You may get quite a bit of traffic from the forum postings, but you will also have to post a lot to make a name for yourself. All of these are great ways to build traffic to your web site.

Are Smoking Shelters Boosting Pub Profits

Discussing the smoking ban has more or less been done to death since its implementation in the summer of 2007. The ban on indoor smoking across Europe has been met with both glee and gloom, depending on your point of view, but mostly revolving around the ban in pubs. Many begrudged the move, declaring that non smokers should go eat in non smoking establishments and that smoking and drinking goes hand in hand. Many pointed out that the suddenly empty pubs were proof that all the non smokers out there were not suddenly flooding to pubs to get a breath of fresh air with a pint of beer.

In France there was absolute uproar from the cafe culture, who opted to form private coffee meetings in their own homes, purely for the purpose of indulging in a Gauloise and a coffee. Whilst visiting the south of the country, I noticed there was a blatant disregard for the new rules by restaurant owners and customers alike; if no-one objects, is the smoker still flouting the law? In Ireland, the double-decker smoking busses provided by public houses were filled to capacity, including all the non-smokers who still wanted to be able to have a chat with their smoker friends.

Over a year later however, and the attitude from all is generally that it was a good move, and we are all glad it happened. It seems that once a six month moaning campaign had run its course, the majority of smokers accepted that it is actually quite nice sitting in a smoke free room and that it is harder to smoke 20 Marlboro if you have to stand out in the cold. Many musicians that regularly gig in pubs report that they have noticed a big difference to their health, although as a consequence of the ban, many support acts have a much reduced crowd, as they’re all outside smoking before the main act comes on.

The new gripe appears to be that most pubs and clubs don’t allow customers to take their drinks out with them while they go outside to smoke. As it is perceived that the enjoyment of a cigarette goes hand in hand with an alcoholic beverage, drinking establishments have gone all out to provide smoking shelters for customers so they can indulge in both in comfort. Who could have predicted that having a disused patio space at the back of a pub could be the answer to staying in business during such testing times? Some places even promote themselves as having the best smoking garden in town, with heated smoking shelters, adorned with fairy lights, palms and bamboo.

It is these pubs that are raking it in, but boosting profits by providing shelter from the elements for smokers is not exclusive to public houses. Cafes and restaurants that have room to erect a shelter are meeting the customers’ needs and therefore staying ahead of their competitors whilst maximising profits. It is not clear if non smokers are generally a happier bunch thanks to the ban, that is possibly because they still don’t go to bars and pubs anyway; but smokers and customers in general have got a good deal. The introduction of the smoking shelter has got the good majority out into the great outdoors, and provided a better environment for all with palm frond frilled extravagance!

Answering Your Money Management Questions

If you ask many Americans, and indeed people from all over the globe, they would probably mention financial troubles as one of their biggest stressors. With jobs no longer giving out guaranteed raises, many people are finding themselves in a huge financial mess.

Creditors call constantly demanding their cash. Credit scores begin to plummet and your way of life begins to take a turn for the worse. There is hope though.

In this article we will discuss money management and how it can help improve your life. Managing your cash is not always easy but once you have the fundamentals down, you can get out of debt and save for retirement or college. It is going to take some work and some guidance but money management is not something that is out of your grasp.

How can I apply money management to my life?

The first step is to realize that you may have a problem with overspending. This is one of the number one reasons why people find themselves in over their heads. You can consult with a money management counselor to discover where your cash is going. He or she can take a look at your finances and determine if you are living above your means.

The harsh reality is that maybe you are living above your means and will have to change some fundamental aspects of your life. You may not be able to afford the mortgage that you have and you may not be able to drive the car that you want.

Once you make these realizations you can then take steps to change how you are living. It will not be easy at first but over time you will begin to get accustomed to these changes.

How can money management help my debt situation?

Having effective money management skills can help you begin putting cash towards paying your debts off. How can it help? The process works by analyzing where you are wasting cash. That cash is then funneled towards paying off your existing debts.

The key is to make sure that you are not steadily accumulating more debt. It is a bit difficult to pay off old debts when you are too busy racking up new ones. One of the best ways to manage your money while paying of debts is to put more towards the debt than just the minimum payment.

If you only pay the minimum payments, you are still getting hit with finance charges. The real key to money management occurs once you have paid off your debts. You have to learn to live within your means and pay off any credit card spending each month rather than carry a big balance.

What are the processes to money management?

There are several stages that you have to go through in order to get your finances together and start living within a budget. The first stage is getting informed. You can do this by hiring a money management consultant or talking to a financial representative. You can also check out books from your local library to learn more about creating a budget.

The next step is to write down every expense you have, even the tiniest ones, in a notebook or ledger. You need to do this for at least one month. This way you can analyze where your cash is going. The third process is to create a workable budget. It needs to be one that you can actually stick to. After that it is a matter of sticking to your budget and paying off any debts that you owe.

Will I always need money management?

Everyone needs money management skills. Even people who have large disposable incomes need to know how to spend their money wisely. It may be tempting to go back to your old ways once you have your finances caught up but you definitely need to resist this urge. It would be too easy to find yourself up to your ears in debt again.

Once you find a budget that you can stick to, it becomes a way of life. You begin noticing where you spend your cash. The longer you can stick to a budget and set aside cash for emergencies or retirement, the better off you will be.

Educate yourself further about money management from Mike Selvon portal at We appreciate your feedback and welcome your comments at

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A Child Vanity Makes Dreams Come True

I had a vanity when I was a little girl. It was the perfect size for me. It was also the perfect place for me to become a young lady who believed that her dreams could one day come true.

My vanity was painted white and had a white bench for me to sit on. My vanity had a round mirror and little drawers to store things in. I loved storing my prized possessions inside those little drawers. One drawer held all my plastic jewels. Another was full of hair baubles, clips and pony tail holders. Still another contained kid’s make-up and nail polish. My vanity held all my special things.

My room was usually a mess but my vanity was kept very orderly. It was a place of pride for me. I loved to sit at my vanity and prepare for my day. I loved to look into the mirror and dream about what exciting things the day might bring to me. My vanity gave me a place to sit and dream. It was a place for aspirations to take root. It was a place where my dreams began.

Little girls want to believe that they’re beautiful. They want to know that they’re special. They want someone to look at them and like what they see. The truth is, little girls spend a lot of time looking in the mirror and wondering. They wonder if they’re pretty. They wonder what they can do to make themselves elegant and breathtaking. They imagine that they’re worth looking at.

For a little girl, this “wondering” is where self esteem begins. Tell a child they’re beautiful and give them a place where they can begin to believe that what you tell them is true. You’ll have a little girl who likes what they see in the mirror. You’ll have a little girl who dares to dream. You’ll have a child who believes that they can make their dreams come true.

I’m not a supporter of encouraging a child to be stuck on their physical appearance. I am a supporter of feeling good starting from the inside out. Self esteem isn’t build upon physical appearance. It’s built upon a sense of personal value and empowerment. A kid who believes that they matter, and believes they have a way to touch the world, will like what they see when they look in the mirror. If a little girl likes herself, she’s going to like what she sees. She’s going to believe that she has something to offer others. She’s going to look in the mirror and dream that she has something to offer the world.

Why do they call a vanity a vanity? Is feeling good in your own skin vain? Is it wrong to like what you see when you look in the mirror? I don’t think so. Vanity is looking at the outside instead of what a person has to offer on the inside. Self esteem is different. It lets us like what we see in the mirror no matter what we look like. This isn’t vanity. This is being comfortable in our own skin. This is liking who we are.

Some people don’t want to give a child a vanity because they believe it will encourage them to be vain. I don’t believe that a child will become vain because they’re given a place to look at themselves and like what they see. I believe having a vanity is a good thing if it’s a place where adults encourage a child to love themselves and love others. A vanity is a good thing if it’s a place where a child dares to dream, because they see themselves and they believe in what they see.

If you want to give your child a vanity, but you’re concerned about your child becoming self centered or overly focused on their appearance, then take charge. Let your child know that you love them and that you like what you see when you look at them. Tell your child about all the ways you believe that they are beautiful. Include more than just the physical aspects of beauty. Then, encourage your child to believe that their reflection is beautiful. Tell your child that what they see in the mirror is worth dreaming about. Help your child believe that they can make their dreams come true.

I’ve been a teacher for over a decade and I’ve spent my teaching years encouraging children to believe in themselves. I’ve never had a student that didn’t have great potential. I’ve never taught a child that wasn’t beautiful. All the children I have ever taught had reasons to like what they saw in the mirror. I was just a person who helped them see all these reasons. I helped give them reasons to dream.

There are many ways you can help a child believe in themselves. There are many ways to give them reasons to dream. A child vanity can be a tool to facilitate the development of self worth and personal vision. It’s just one tool, but I believe it’s a good one. There are many wonderful varieties of children’s vanities. You might want to explore the options and consider the styles that might fit your little dreamer. Expect to get excited about the possibilities. Enjoy considering all the options.

Help someone to dream about their future, their hopes and aspirations. Help someone say, “I like what I see when I see me.” Give a little girl in your life a vanity. Sit with her and look in the mirror. Tell her that you like what you see.

Do You Know Your Web Design Principles

When building a web site there are web design principles to consider. To build a successful web site, you would need to follow most or all of the web design principles. They are easy to remember and make a lot of sense, so you shouldn’t have any problem with adjusting.

One the most important principles of web design is making the web site user friendly. The whole purpose of a web site is to allow visitors to navigate through to find information, buy services/products or for entertainment. To ensure that the web site is user friendly, tests are usually run to see how users find the experience of the web site.

One of the web design principles is to keep the user in mind. If you want to have your web site readily available to everyone who wants to access it, you should keep your files down to a minimal size. The larger the files of images, graphics and audio will cause the process of downloading the web site to take a long time. Those that are still using dial up may find it frustrating to download and navigate through the site. This will make them not want to come back to your web site.

Web design principles also lie in the beginning processes of building a web site. Everything starts with an idea, so it is up to you to get things down on paper and your ideas out in the open. The fundamentals of your web site will soon become an idea that is tangible and ready to launch.

When building the site, it is important that you keep the balance of it steady – this deals with asymmetrical and symmetrical balances. Web design is an art, so it should be treated as so. When you are building your web site, it is important that the design has a steady flow and doesn’t look odd in the eye of the beholder.

Balance is one of the most important web design principles out there. It consists of ensuring that the layout of the web site is proportionate and leveled satisfactorily. Take a newspaper or magazine as an example, they are pieced together in an orderly artistic fashion. You won’t find their columns too broad or too narrow – everything has to fit together perfectly like a puzzle. Many of the basics that are taught in art or other design courses will teach you the same web design principles that are used for the internet.

To find out more information visit Netlyte Houston Texas Web Design at – You can also request more information to help you start designing a website for your business.

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Becoming Successful In Home Schooling

These days home schooling has been popular. A lot of the parents and their kids are doing it. A lot of instances they are successful but there are several reasons why this home schooling is really preferred by a lot of families. Before you start finalizing your decisions for your children, you must accept that this is simply not for all.

Though home schooling is a success for some people, it may not work well for others. You must be reminded that home schooling is going to require a commitment from the parents and children. Before you can decide to apply this there are still a lot of questions you must answer in order that you can determine if home schooling is the best for your child or not.

You must understand the laws of home schooling from where you are. Make sure that you are able to follow the requirements before you can decide. You have to remember that home schooling will demand a lot of time from the parents. If both of them are working, then home schooling may not really be the right choice.

You should ask yourself if you and your children have a really close personal relationship. This question may seem a bit odd try figuring out if you could get along with your children well. If you are having a hard time being around your children at any given time, then you can expect that you will have a tough time home schooling them.

You need to ask yourself regarding your educational skills. Even if you will just be teaching reading, basic math and writing, you must remember that these basic skills are the most important things that you will teach your kids. If you are not good at any of this, then you should give up on home schooling. Both parents could share the load. An example would be if you are good at math, but is bad in reading and writing but your spouse is good at reading and writing but bad in math, you could share the load for teaching. Besides ensuring the best education for your children, parents are able to spend quality time with their children.

Your skills in communicating should also be another factor to look into. Ask yourself if you are good at talking with others. Remember you will be a teacher to your children and having good communication skills are required in order for your children to understand what you are trying to teach them.

7 Tips To Increase Your Referral Business

Referrals are the best way to grow your business. Without referrals, your business will not endure. You are “dead in the water” so to speak. Here are some tips to ensure that you get the referrals you need for your business:

1. If your customers perceive that you want or need more referrals, then you will get them. Many clients have the idea that your customers come through advertising of one form or the other. Some may get the impression that you are always extremely busy and really do not need any referrals. Even though they themselves were referred to you does not matter. If your client is not directly involved with any kind of selling activity, then they will not understand the very important need there is for referrals.

How do you overcome this problem? You must educate your contacts and clients that you do,indeed, always welcome referrals. Make sure to plant seeds in your client’s mind whenever you can. Let them know how excited you are about a new account you have that was recently referred to you.

2. If your clients feel comfortable enough with you, then they will refer more business your way. In other words, your client must have enough confidence in their judgment about you. Be sure to relate as many success stories as you can that you have brought about for your clients. Make sure you are punctual when you deal with people. There is nothing worse than being late to a call! Return all calls promptly and if you belong to any organizations, be consistent in your participation. This behavior will be equated with trustworthiness by potential referral sources.

3. You will surely get more referrals if your clients know how to refer business to you. It is your job to provide ways for them to do so. It is always a good idea to ask your clients to call any referral they give you so that they will know to expect your call. What would even be better is to ask your client for his or her referral to call you. In that way, the interest in your product or service is already there.

4. If your clients know how you can be of benefit to others, then you will definitely get more referrals. You can improve your position by making sure that your clients understand all of the ways that you can help your customers. You can accomplish this by taking an interest in their business or life and then adding your own comments about what you are doing. Very often you will get a response such as “Well, I did not realize that”!

5. If you make sure to thank your active referrals enough, then your will get more referrals. As a rule of thumb, make it a habit of thanking a referring party three times. First, give them a verbal thank you both when you receive the referral and then after contact has been made with the referral they provided. The second time you should thank then in writing. And last but not least, you should thank them with some small gift after you complete your project. Use the “thank you” process in order to keep your referrers informed about the progress you have been able to make with the referral they gave you. They really do want to know what the outcome of their actions are.

6. You will make sure to get more referrals if your past contacts and clients do not forget about you. It does absolutely no good if your client is confronted with an opportunity to refer more business to you and they do not remember you. Always try to stay in touch with your client base. You can do this by telephone, mail and any other communications that you produce. You should not let more than three months elapse without them hearing from you.

7. If you understand why it is that your clients give you referrals, then you will gain more referrals for your business. In most cases, your client is not really trying to benefit you but the party to whom they refer you to! This is important because it is a major shift in attitude from you to how you can help others. It makes your client look good when when someone they referred to you is helped.

One of the very best ways to get more referrals is for you yourself to become a source of referrals. If you are viewed as a good referral source, then most people with reciprocate!

Ken Harrington is an expert at helping small businesses gain the referrals they need to grow beyond what they previously thought was possible. To find out more about this advanced follow up and customer referral system, visit

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